The Telstar Insulrap System came about as the result of customers looking for a good, quality heat protection system. They came to us because they were experiencing problems with extreme heat affecting their dash wiring, gauges, etc. We started looking and came up with a series of products that would do the job, and we are consistently looking for new, improved and better products for our applications. Following is a list of the products and a brief description of their uses

T-Braid Sleeving

Used mainly as the primary insulator or underlay on hoses, wiring, small diameter piping, etc. When used in these applications, you would apply it by sliding it over the medium that you want to protect. When used on larger diameter applications, ie. exhaust pipes or mufflers, you would flatten the sleeving and wrap the pipe as described in our installation instructions

Pyrojacket Sleeving

Used as a light-duty heat protection for hoses, wiring, etc. It can be applied by itself or in conjunction with the T-Braid Sleeving. Pyrojacket Sleeving is basically T-Braid Sleeving coated and impregnated with high heat silicone. Once again, it is applied by sliding it over the hose, wiring, or pipe that you wish to protect or insulate


Used as a heavy-duty protective cover for large areas or long, straight lengths of exhaust. It can also be used for covering large mufflers or purifiers, but must be custom designed to fit. This blanket would normally be applied over ceramic mat. We have been experimenting with different ways of fastening it and have found that the best way seems to be using hooks & ladders. As long as there is about an inch of overlap, and the hooks and ladders are placed roughly 2″ apart, facing the outside of the machine, or away from the direction of any hoses or fuel lines, there should be no problems with fuel or oil entering the blanket


Used in conjunction with all of the above products, it seals the open ends of Pyrojacket and the spiral seams formed when using the Pyrotape. It is also used to seal the joint where Pyrotape and Pyrojacket / Pyrojacket-XL meet. It is the binding, so to speak, that holds the whole wrap together. PyroSealant is a high heat silicone that bonds itself to the silicone coating of our other products. For proper adhesion, all surfaces must be clean and dry. If you find that the surfaces of the pyro products listed above, become soiled or show visible signs of fibers on the surface, then use a clean, damp rag to clean the surfaces and dry thoroughly with a clean dry rag


Used as an insulating, protective cover, applied over T-Braid Sleeving or Ceramic Mat (described further on). Pyrotape consists of varying widths of glass fiber woven strips, coated and impregnated with high heat silicone. It is supple and stretchy and when pulled taught, it will conform to uneven surfaces


Used as a protective covering for large areas such as firewalls, manifold boots, or long lengths of straight pipes. It is made up of a thin sheet of woven glass fiber coated and impregnated with high heat silicone on both sides – approximately 1/32″ thick. It can be sewn with reasonable ease as is done with manifold boots and firewall blankets

Ceramic Mat

Used as an insulating barrier in areas of high to extreme heat. It is a ceramic fiber matting, available in 3/4″ thickness. We recommend its use on large areas, in manifold boots or firewall blankets. It also acts as a sound deadener in closed operator compartments