Insulrap Exhaust Protection System -Installation Instructions

The INSULRAP system is a very straightforward application.
Most parts are currently being made to custom fit. The inner lining is made up of silica cloth (Omnisil). The insulating material is ceramic matting (TB 1260). The protective cover is glass-fiber cloth coated with approximately 1/16″ of special high heat silicone (Pyro-Jacket-XL). These three components are stitched together to form a blanket. Elbow, purifier, and muffler covers are done in the same manner. Adjustable hook and ladder buckles secure covers in place. All seams are stitched and sealed with a special high heat silicone sealer (PLT 310).
Application of exhaust wrap to the exhaust system is usually very simple. First, the elbows are put in place and buckled. Once all of the elbows have been put in place, the blankets can be positioned so they overlap the elbows a little bit. A small amount of insulation can be tucked into the joint between the elbow and blanket. Then stretch a strap of Pyro-Tape (2″, 3″, or 5″ as required) around the joint and fasten it. The next step is to seal both exposed seams on either side of the straps with the PLT 310. Finally, using a wet cloth on your finger, smooth out the silicone to insure that a complete and proper seal has been made. If necessary, this procedure can be performed to seal the overlapping seam where the buckles are.
If you are doing a repair on a system or another application, regardless of size, follow the instructions for the application of T-Braid and Pyro-Tape