The Telstar Insulrap system was designed with the following purposes in mind

  • Prevention of fire due to combustibles coming in contact with the hot exhaust system.

  • Prevention of injury to mechanics or operators if they happen to come into contact with hot exhaust

  • Protection of wiring and instrumentation from ambient heat being generated by the exhaust.

  • Reduce ambient temperatures in the areas around the operator.

  • Maintain heat in the exhaust system so that purifiers can do their job properly.

We recommend that all pipe joints be welded. If bands clamps are being used, they should be inspected for tightness and leaks. Tighten or replace clamps as required. Periodic inspections should be made to confirm the condition of the clamps. Our liner and insulation are rated to approx. 1800-2000° F. The outer cover is rated continuous to 500° F. and intermittent to 3000° F. The insulating materials that we use bring the operating temperatures within the required parameters of the cover. The main purpose of the outer cover is to provide protection against contamination of the insulating materials by combustibles as well as providing a rugged protection against high pressure washing, abrasion and wear.
We express no warranties or liabilities should a clamp loosen or a pipe fail, allowing the direct exhaust to penetrate the insulation or even break through the outer cover. This could create its own fire! As the flash point of diesel fuel is approx. 680° F., and hydraulic oil is approx. 700° F., the presence of either on the surface of the covering when this happens could create a flash fire (as it would if there was no wrap at all or even a metal cover). This scenario is the main reason for the covering to be checked at the start of every shift. If any contamination is found, the wrap should be cleaned properly or replaced before the machinery goes back into service.
Minor damage can be repaired using PLT-310 High Heat Silicone Sealer. Major repairs may require the use of T-Braid sleeving and PT-3 or PT-5 bands, or may require replacement altogether.
If there are any concerns as to whether Insulrap is suitable for your application, we recommend testing before using